Sports Podium Event - Nutrition and Performance

On Wednesday, Mrs Reid, Head of School Games – Girls, gave a Sports Podium presentation informing pupils on the topic of Nutrition and Performance.

Mrs Reid talked about how the sports nutrition market is a thriving industry, with the sale of products such as sports drinks, energy bars and energy gels increasing year on year. Mrs Reid then questioned if these products were really necessary or whether homemade sport drinks and food products could be equally as effective.

Pupils looked at the differences between the ranges of sports drinks on offer. They learnt about how they should replace fluids and electrolytes lost through exercise and how sports drinks can boost energy during activities.

Pupils then tested out some recipes and made their own isotonic sports drinks at a fraction of the cost of shop-bought products. The pupils explored how energy bars are made and even had the opportunity to sample Mrs Reid’s energy bar recipe.

All pupils gained a detailed understanding about how to fuel themselves appropriately for their next tournament, match or sports event. Thank you to Mrs Reid for such an engaging talk.