The Comedy of Errors

Last weeks' Senior School production of Shakespeare's “The Comedy of Errors” made such an impact that the lead pupils involved are still getting superb feedback from pupils, staff and parents alike. The pupils, aged 13 to 15, spoke Shakespeare with such fluency and with a real sense of understanding what they were saying. Everyone loved the setting of a Greek port with the audience in the round. Once through passport control, the audience was treated to a great atmosphere of waiters coming and going, and townspeople chatting to them whilst they leant against the working fountain! What was particularly good to see was they way in which the cast became an ensemble. As one audience member put it ”even the smaller characters had their moment and played their part in making this the most successful production yet at Clifton High School”. Well done to everyone concerned! Next stop the Royal Shakespeare Company!

Mrs Gill Malpass, Head of Drama and Director