The James Dyson Foundation Workshops

Year 10 and 11 Product Design, Art and Textiles pupils received a presentation from a Dyson engineer yesterday, who explained to the group how Dyson use ‘Design, Build, Test’ to develop new products.

Years 10 and 11 were taken through the various stages in the design process, from mind-mapping initial ideas, making prototypes, sorting the mechanics of the item, to its production and testing not only by machines, but groups who really put the vacuum cleaners through their paces.

It was explained that often invention is brought about by frustration – an everyday object that should perform more easily or efficiently. Testing is integral to ensure that the product meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations and contributes to a positive reputation for the brand.

The James Dyson Foundation is actively encouraging our young people to be engineers of the future and Clifton High pupils in Year 8 had the opportunity to test their own ingenuity, working in groups to develop a product using air, for use in space.