The Podium - seminars for our Sports Scholars and Talented in Sport pupils

Clifton High Sports Department, as part of The Podium, has introduced a new enrichment initiative in the form of a course of seminars which will take place during lunch break on the last Thursday of each month. These structured meetings invite our identified ‘Talented in Sport’ pupils to discuss a variety of aspects of sport, including discipline and nutrition as well as the broad range of career options on offer within the field. The department urges parents to ensure that their child attends these sessions if they are a Sports Scholar or part of the ‘Talented in Sport’ group.

The first talk, led by Mr Taylor, explored the topic of Sports Psychology and the important role it plays in performance.  The feedback from the pupils attending was very positive. Last week’s seminar, led by Mr Bitterlin, addressed Sports Nutrition. The junior ‘Talented in Sport’ group learnt about the impact of a balanced diet and hydration on sporting performance. This was followed by a presentation to Senior pupils on the difference between macronutrients and micronutrients, as well as explaining when an athlete should eat before and after sport. The Senior presentation also covered the significance of hydration, dealing with concepts of thermoregulation, blood viscosity and synovial fluid. The PE Department will continue to work to ensure that our most able young sportsmen and women’s knowledge is challenged and developed.