Toy Sale to Support Hedgehogs

The theme for learning in Year 1 last half term was ‘Toys Past and Present’. The Year 1 children collected their unwanted used toys since Christmas and just before the break, they held a Grand Toy Sale and welcomed children from Reception and Year 2 to be their customers.

This was an opportunity for a really excellent lesson in PSHE as the children were donating their own unwanted toys for some else to buy. This was a real life money handling situation giving them mathematics advantages and the chance to learn about deciding what price items should be, counting money and giving change. There were also good literacy-based opportunities as they enjoyed making posters and inviting the other children. We saw signs of early business acumen in many; the children demonstrated an early appreciation of the power of advertising and the value of careful presentation of their stock and understood the concept of turning unwanted goods into cash. 

The £41.60 raised will be donated to a local wildlife hedgehog rescue charity as chosen by children themselves. Everyone in the department was very excited and pleased to be going home on the last day of half term with a new toy to play with over the break!