Triple Success at the Sixth Form French, Spanish and German Debates

Congratulations to the Year 13 students who took part in the French and Spanish debates at Badminton School on 16th November. Clifton High is incredibly proud that both teams were successful, winning against Redland High in the French debate and against Clifton College in the Spanish debate. The winning teams comprised of Kitty, Zac, Ella, Charlie, Enric and Jordi, with a special mention for Jordi and Kitty, who skilfully chaired additional debates. 

The German debates hosted at Clifton College on the 30th November were equally successful. Tom from Year 13 and Hannah from Year 12 faced a larger team, but defended their ideas superbly, winning with convincing arguments against Clifton College. 

All of our participating students debated on the theme of the future role of nuclear energy; a challenging topic even in one’s native tongue! Students gave convincing arguments against its use and impressed fellow students and judges alike.  A very well done to all of the students that took part, who were fantastic ambassadors for the Language Departments at Clifton High School!