Welcome to the Nursery - Junior Schools

The Nursery to Junior Schools (ages 3-11 years) provide a happy and stimulating learning environment in which our boys and girls feel secure, confident and valued. Each child is encouraged to develop his or her talents to the full and to enjoy the pleasures of learning.

The broad and exciting curriculum offers a wealth of opportunities for children to achieve success, to develop self-confidence and an excellent work ethic. Class sizes are small and this allows teaching staff to devote more time to each child; the caring ambience that pervades the school enables the children to grow in confidence, develop their talents and progress academically.

The listed buildings that house the Nursery School to Year 4 are spacious, vibrant and bright, yet small enough to retain a family atmosphere and a genuine sense of community. In Years 5 and 6, the boys and girls move to the Main School Building and are taught alongside senior school pupils allowing them to access the full range of senior school facilities and preparing them well for the transition to Year 7 and senior study. From Nursery to Year 6, children have easy access to the swimming pool, gymnasium and dining hall. Children regularly visit the ICT suite and libraries and all classrooms are equipped with network computer workstations. Children in Years 2 to 6 use our excellent indoor and outdoor sporting facilities at Coombe Dingle Sports Complex.

A varied range of extra-curricular activities and trips complement the curriculum and supervised care is provided from 8.00am until 6.00pm. Wrap-around care is provided from 8.00am until school begins and, for a small charge, from the end of the school day until 6.00pm. 

I do hope you can come to visit us and see for yourself how our boys and girls thrive in this caring, happy and engaging environment. We seek to inspire all our boys and girls so that they realise their potential and are well prepared to embrace the opportunities that life has to offer.

Dr Alison Neill, Head of School

Come and visit us at one of our exciting open events or arrange a taster day or tour.