World Book Day

Last Thursday, Clifton High pupils participated in a Frankenstein-themed World Book Day as Mary Shelley’s gothic novel celebrates its 200th anniversary this year.

Clifton High pupils and staff defied the snowy weather by dressing up as their favourite book character or a monster. The classrooms were populated with animals, wizards, professors, superheroes and storybook heroines, with a few gruesome fiends as well. World Book Day book tokens were also distributed to pupils for use this month in bookshops.

Throughout Book Week, junior and senior pupils listened to age-appropriate extracts of Frankenstein in assembly and in their classes and were encouraged to consider the themes of humanity and creation.

Bookworms, the Nursery-Year 2 book club, drew and decorated some colourful pictures for the Junior Library and reception children were visited by author, Mark Lemon, who inspired them to create books of their own in class!

A Readathon was also launched during the week, which will run until Friday 16th March. The proceeds from pupils’ reading sponsors will be donated to Booktrust.