Wrap-around Care – The Extended School Day

At Clifton High School, wrap-around care for your child is provided free of charge from 8.00am until school begins. A variety of provision is offered from the end of the school day until 6.00pm.

Wrap-around Care Years Times
Early Birds - free Nursery School - Year 6 8.00am until the start of the school day
Late Room - free Nursery School - Year 2 3.30 - 4.10pm
Homework Room - free Year 3 - Year 6 3.30 - 4.10pm
After School Activity Club (ASAC) - free sessions and charges applicable Nursery School - Year 5

Half Session: 3.35 - 4.45pm (collection at 4.45pm)

Full Session: 4.45pm -5.50pm (collection from 5.00pm)

Senior Late Room - free Year 6 - Year 11 4.10 - 6.00pm 

Nursery School to Year 6

Children in Nursery School to Year 6 may attend Early Birds from 8.00am until the start of the school day. Once the school day finishes the following options for after school care are available depending on the needs of you and your child.

Late Room: 3.30pm - 4.10pm, For boys and girls in Nursery School to Year 2

Late Room is a calm, peaceful environment where children can relax and watch TV at the end of a busy day. Late Room is located on the ground floor of the Nursery School and Reception building.

Booking Procedure: You do not need to book a place at Late Room in advance. Simply add your son or daughter’s name to the notice board outside their classroom.

Homework Room: 3.35pm - 4.10pm, For boys and girls in Year 3 to Year 5  

Homework Room is quiet and productive, children are encouraged to complete their homework or read a book. Homework Room is located in the Main School Building.

Booking Procedure: You do not need to book a place at Homework Room in advance but if you would like your son or daughter to attend please ask them to inform their teacher or add their name to the notice board outside their classroom.

Boys and girls in Year 6 can also attend Senior Late Room when Homework Room finishes. Please see below for further details.

After School Activity Club (ASAC): 3.30pm - 6.00pm, For boys and girls in the Nursery School to Year 5

ASAC is located across three spacious well-equipped rooms and caters for boys and girls with different energy levels and homework tasks at the end of a busy day. It offers a programme of planned indoor activities which takes place in one of our activity rooms, children can relax and watch TV in another or do their homework in the quiet homework zone.

The School offer ten free ASAC sessions to parents each half term, after which additional sessions can be booked at a small cost per half or full session. Full details of charges and free sessions can be found below.

Further information about ASAC - from September 2018

  • Should you need to get in touch with ASAC staff at the end of the day they can be contacted on 07770 014 253.
  • Should you wish to cancel you booking or should your child be away from school due to illness please remember to let ASAC know.

Senior School

Senior School pupils are expected to arrive promptly for registration at 8.35am. Senior pupils are welcome on site from 8.00am and those arriving before 8.15 should ensure they sign-in at the School Office.  

Senior Late Room: 4.10pm - 6.00pm, For boys and girls in Year 6 to Year 11

After lessons finish at 4.05pm, pupils in Year 6-11 can attend Senior Late Room which is located in the Senior Library in the Main School Building. This is a quiet productive space and pupils are expected to read a book or do their homework. Senior Late Room is open until 6.00pm and pupils must be collected by their parents from the Main School Building.

Collection Procedure: Parents can either ring the Senior Late Room door bell  to inform the duty member of staff that they have arrived or alternatively can call the Senior Late Room mobile phone on 07770 014 254. In the interests of health and safety, parents are required to speak directly with the member of staff on Late Room duty, text messages do not provide sufficient security.