Year 12 French and Spanish Debates at Clifton College

Our Year 12 language students performed impressively at the annual Language Debates held at Clifton College last week.

The French team tackled the topic of the internet, arguing against the motion that the internet has become ‘indispensable to our lives’. This was obviously a challenging debate and the team, consisting of Emma, Raphael and Isabella, sustained a prolonged discussion in French, inwhich they articulated skilful, well-researched and insightful ideas. Their argument highlighted the dangers of the internet on relationships and health, as well as incorporating cultural and topical social issues. After defending their points well, they were unfortunate to lose to the opposing team from Red Maids High School; although they did receive high praise from the Clifton College judges.

The Spanish team, made up of Isabella, Raphael, Amy, Tabitha and Emma, also voiced some highly convincing ideas in their debate on the ‘role of family in society’.  After successfully defending their argument against some challenging questions from both the opposing team, Clifton College, and from the floor, they were ultimately victorious. Amy was also involved in chairing a further two debates.

This stimulating and valuable event develops a multitude of skills and all participants deserve generous congratulations. Indeed, Señorita Sobey noted how this year proved to be one of the toughest yet and praised the pupils for their “outstanding performances”. Well done to all and thank you to Madame McKenna, Madame Boehler, Señorita Sobey and Señorita Roman for their support in preparing the Clifton High teams.