Year 12 Look to their Futures

The last few weeks have seen Year 12 students involved in lots of activities looking at their futures. Futures and Skills sessions have included a number of visiting speakers, with many more planned for the coming weeks.

Last week students took a psychometric test provided by Morrisby. The results will give students an insight into what university courses and careers may interest them. These sessions normally cost upwards of £100, but our students all agreed to take part in an online trial of new software, and so will get the results for free!

Year 12 have also made an early start to looking at university applications and personal statements with a guest speaker from Aberystwyth University and yesterday listened to a very interesting guest speaker from Frontier, looking at how to arrange a gap year.

On the 11th March we have a Futures and Skills Evening lined up. Students and parents will be able to attend talks from experts in a range of employment areas, and find out more about progression routes.