Year 13 Business Studies Workshop

Last Monday, a group of Year 13 Business Studies students attended a Grade Booster Workshop at Cribbs Causeway to prepare for their A level examinations this summer.

The day was run by two Chief Examination Officers who provided the students with much useful information about how to apply their revision knowledge during the examination. All students had revised well over the holiday and were able to comprehend and follow the terminology and models used on the day, asking pertinent questions to further their understanding.

A key business topic students have learnt about is motivation of the workforce, with a key motivator being money. The leaders of the event exemplified this model throughout the workshop, with cash prizes won through competitions and interactive activities.

In one of the interactive sessions, students watched a six-minute video about the company, Ikea, and had to come up with 25 business terms and models that could be associated with the video clip. This activity helped students to understand how they can extract and apply information for a given purpose, an essential examination skill. 

The event was highly productive and consolidated students’ understanding of the business studies topics they have covered in their revision.