Year 2 Science visit to We The Curious

On Monday, Year 2 children had a very interesting day at We the Curious (formerly At Bristol) to support their topic ‘Inventors and their Inventions’ and also to learn more about electricity as part of their science work. They were excited to be given their welcome talk by Jack, a former pupil of Clifton High School, who is working at the venue temporarily.

In the morning, children were absorbed by all the interactive exhibits and learnt many new science-related facts. They then took part in a workshop, ‘Electricity Unearthed’, where they learnt about which appliances used the most electricity before making a human electric circuit to test whether objects were conductors, insulators or both. Children worked with a circuit kit to make a bulb light up and a motor go around and were thrilled to make ‘squishy salt dough’ wires which conducted electricity to make a small coloured bulb glow.