Year 6-8 Poetry Slam Competition at Colston's School

After internal heats, selections and a practice run in front of their peers during a school Assembly, the intrepid poetry ‘slammers’ from Years 6-8 visited Colston’s School for a Poetry Slam Competition. On arrival, pupils were excited to meet Poetry Slammer, Ash Dickinson, who led a warm up. The pupils were interested to hear a professional orator, noticing how the fast, rhythmic style of his delivery meant that the poetry took on an almost musical quality. During a ‘slam’ the poet is free to choose a topic, and Ash’s pieces ranged from an homage to women’s shoes, to the value we should place on travel and experience. Following this, the 25 competitors were ready to showcase their pieces. Aneline and Callum each gave polished and brave performances about possible career paths, using alliteration and brightly coloured props to enhance their pieces. Aaron and Eve delivered their poems with aplomb, praising the activities of a school day. Finally, Daisy recited a complex and well-crafted limerick: an abstract narrative about a cloud who witnesses an accident befall a pilot named Mark. Mrs Lyons-White commented that “our poets did Clifton High and themselves proud, particularly considering this was their first foray into the world of Slam Poetry.”  We hope all our young poets continue to think creatively and continue composing poems.