Year 7-9 German Markets Visit

Fifteen pupils in Years 7-9 travelled to Cologne during the Christmas holidays on a cultural and linguistic visit to the Christmas markets.

On the first day, pupils visited Cologne Cathedral and climbed 620 steps to reach the top to experience far-reaching views of the city. Having built up a healthy appetite, pupils then explored the Christmas Markets in groups and tasted the local delicacy - German frankfurters!

After a short break and dinner at the hostel, pupils visited Cologne's oldest Christmas market, Angel’s Market, in the Neumarket district. Everyone had a wonderful evening shopping and drinking traditional Christmas kinderpunsch (a German non-alcoholic punch) surrounded by spectacular Christmas decorations.

On the penultimate day of the visit, Year 7-9 pupils had the opportunity to visit the Lindt Chocolate Factory for a guided tour explaining the history of Lindt chocolate and how it is made. Everyone enjoyed buying chocolates in the gift shop before visiting another Christmas market in the evening.

On the last day, pupils travelled to Aachen and Belgium on their journey home. They were able to visit one final market and take part in a chocolate masterclass where everyone created some delicious chocolate bars to take home. A thoroughly enjoyable visit was had by all!