Year 8 'Play Your Part' Day

As part of our commitment to outstanding pastoral care, Clifton High School has formed a new partnership with the Youth Project Co-Ordinator at The Bridewell Police Station, Bristol. Mrs Lesley Hogan worked with Clifton High teachers to organise a full day of informative activities for Year 8 pupils. The workshops were led by visiting speakers and explored topics such as ‘Drug and Alcohol Awareness’, ‘Staying Safe Online’, ‘Anti-Bullying’, ‘Responsibility to Act as Role Models’ and ‘Mental Health Awareness’. The talks proved to be extremely valuable for our pupils with many commenting that some of the personal accounts that were shared really opened their eyes. Thank you to the visiting speakers and Mrs Hogan for developing our young people’s understanding and knowledge, helping to ensure that they are ready to enter modern society as informed and confident individuals.