Year 8 Play Your Part Day

On Wednesday, Year 8 pupils took part in a series of workshops for ‘Play your Part Day’, covering topics such as: role models, drug and alcohol awareness, healthy lifestyles and internet safety.

Pupils discussed the importance of identifying people who they can trust to help them achieve their goals and looked at relationships that might prove to be less healthy. In the healthy lifestyles workshop, pupils also engaged in discussions on the importance of being active and understanding how to deal with worry and anxiety.

During the drug awareness session, pupils had the opportunity to listen to a personal account from a guest speaker who spoke about her son’s drug addiction, which began when he was just 13, and the ways in which this affected her family.

Year 8 pupils also learnt about the effects of alcohol and the laws surrounding buying and drinking alcohol. All pupils tried on ‘beer goggle glasses’ to see how drinking can impair vision and affect balance. Many pupils found catching a tennis ball extremely challenging whilst wearing the glasses!

The day concluded with an internet safety talk covering how to stay safe online and a session about healthy relationships and what constitutes consent, with pupils debating a range of situations.