Year 8 Rocket Car Day

Year 8 pupils took part in the annual Clifton High Rocket Car Day on Wednesday 28th June, working in teams of four or five to design and build the best rocket car from a limited kit of parts and recycled materials brought from home.

Pupils competed against each other by setting their cars off down the drive at the end of the day, using the school minibus as a blast shield. The acceleration of the black-powder powered rocket cars was spectacular!

There were three prizes to be awarded, including the Marathon Award for the car which travelled the furthest, the Fashion Award for the most innovative and eco-friendly design and the overall Bloodhound Prize for the best performing team overall.

All Year 8 pupils learned about streamlining, build quality, team work and perseverance. Well done to everyone who participated!

The winners were:

Marathon Award – “Smart Hound”, built by Awais, Jack, Guy, Joe and Freddie.

Fashion Award – “The Bullets”, built by Robert, James, Martin and Toby.

This team brought lots of recycling and paid particular attention to working safely and incorporating lots of vital physics design features.

Bloodhound Prize – “Cosmic Jet”, built by Maddie, Sophie, Katherine, Jess and Emily.

This team not only worked safely and co-operated well as a team, their rocket car used an innovative decoration technique to avoid drag and it was beautifully made. Their poster had a theme which matched their car and included lots of their design features. They also came 3rd in the distance league.