Year 8 Rocket Car Day

Last Tuesday, all Year 8 pupils competed in Rocket Car Day.  This is an annual event in the Clifton High School calendar, led by the Physics Department and inspired by the Bristol-based Bloodhound SSC project.

Following an introductory session explaining the scientific principles on how to achieve both high speeds and stability, pupils split into teams to start developing their plans and constructing their vehicles.  The build process involved using wheels, axles and tools provided by the School and recycled materials brought from home.

Once the rocket cars had been built, tested and decorated, it was time to launch them down the driveway!  The rocket cars powered by solid-fuel rocket motors, which were ignited electronically. One volunteer from each team was required to fire the rocket from the safety of the school minibus, whilst being cheered on by the rest of Year 8.

Every rocket car launched successfully and achieved an impressive distance, with many retaining their wheels for the entirety of the journey. The winner of the longest distance prize was Team ‘Horris the Hedgehog’, with an outstanding run of 75.6m! Well done to everyone who took part and for demonstrating enthusiasm, ingenuity and focus throughout the day.