Year 8 Salters' Festival of Chemistry Visit

On Tuesday, four Year 8 chemistry pupils attended the Salters’ Chemistry Festival at Bristol University. The pupils participated in challenges and were fortunate to have an in-depth talk with Dr Timothy Knowles, one of the University’s leading researchers in the field of carbon dating and isotopic analysis. Through the various activities and challenges in which they participated, pupils developed their scientific skills and gained a greater awareness of the chemical world.

The group’s teamwork was impressive as they undertook chromatography procedures together with a range of diagnostic techniques to analyse and determine mystery substances. Our pupils also used colorimetry to work out unknown concentrations of solutions.

In the afternoon, pupils observed a series of demonstrations investigating gases in the air, run by Mr Tim Harrison. Particular highlights were the explosive properties of hydrogen gas and the highly toxic nature of nitrous oxides!

The group concluded the day with a walking tour around the university, visiting many different departments across a number of faculties and improving their understanding of how universities operate. The pupils found the whole experience enriching and stated that the day has inspired them to continue chemistry-related studies at GCSE level and beyond.