Year 8 and 9 Royal Geographical Society Workshops

On Wednesday, two school ambassadors from the Royal Geographical Society visited Year 8 and 9 pupils to deliver geography workshops to expand the pupils’ knowledge beyond the Year 7-13 curriculum.

The two ambassadors were current geography students at Exeter and Bristol University and they shared with pupils some theory and learning from the country’s leading geography academics as well as their experiences of university life.

Year 8 pupils learnt about how the journey of everyday products from sourcing raw materials to design, manufacture, transportation, advertising and retail can affect so many lives around the world. They also produced some impressive maps and presentations to demonstrate the impact of these everyday products.  

Year 9 were taught about how history and geography can interact by studying some historical events through time and looking at how these influenced the production of maps and perceptions of place.

All pupils enjoyed the thought-provoking workshops– thank you to the Royal Geographical Society ambassadors for such an engaging morning.