Year 9 Jewish Museum Visit

Year 9 pupils travelled to London on Monday on an educational visit to the Jewish Museum. The group met Lady Zahava Kohn, a holocaust survivor, to gain an historical understanding of what life was like in Nazi-occupied Europe alongside the Jewish tradition of Shabbat and Havdalah.

Zahava Kohn and her daughter spoke to pupils about their harrowing experience during the war and the pupils also had the opportunity to look around the museum at the various artefacts. Maelie from Year 9 describes the visit below:

“This morning, before arriving at the museum, I thought that visiting the museum would be like visiting Le Louvre and we would be reading facts like we look at paintings.

We also got the chance to listen to a survivors’ story, Zahava Kohn - it was incredible. We also got the chance to listen to another side of what happened during the Holocaust. We had the story from a child’s point of view. It was captivating and interesting all the way through her painful story and I can definitely say that I learnt something today!

Thank you to Zahava and her daughter, the employees of the museum and all the teachers who accompanied us.”