Year 10-12 Afro-Celt Music Concert

On Sunday 19th November, pupils in Years 10-12 studying GCSE and A level Music had the opportunity to watch an Afro-Celt music concert at Colston Hall as the band has a set work included in the new GCSE syllabus and links directly with the fusion area of study for A level.

The main act was Afro-Celt Sound System, a fusion group who have been performing internationally for over twenty years. The concert also included a warm up act, The Dohl Foundation, a unique group specialising in exploring the capabilities and diverse range of music from various cultures around the world.

The live concert was excellent to watch, with amazing visual and audio accompaniments – the audience were on their feet dancing throughout! A special mention was also made to pupils in the audience as it is a piece by Afro-Celt Sound System that is on the new GCSE Music syllabus.

All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the concert and a further performance for pupils is planned at the Roundhouse in London in the new year.