Years 3 and 4 Visit Folly Farm

On Tuesday 6th June, Years 3 and 4 pupils took an educational visit to Folly Farm to learn more about the natural environment.

Year 3 pupils took part in an engaging workshop which explored the various roles wildlife play in wetland, woodland and meadow habitats. Pupils discovered what happens when a wetland dries up and learnt about how species survive in different environments. Later in the day, Year 3 pupils also investigated which species lived in freshwater habitats.

Year 4 pupils spent their time at Folly Farm completing the ‘Craft and Creativity’ workshop where they immersed themselves in the nature of Folly Farm through traditional arts and crafts. Pupils painted with natural materials, wove hurdles out of willow and hazel and also made natural, ‘home-made’ paint.

All of the Year 3 and 4 pupils had an interesting and enjoyable visit. Thank you to all of the enthusiastic teaching staff at Folly Farm for their support throughout the day.