Years 5 and 6 Visit Folly Farm

Years 5 and 6 visited the environmental learning centre at Folly Farm on Monday 5th June to investigate and learn about the natural world and conservation.

Year 5 pupils took part in the ‘Contrasting Habitats’ programme and enjoyed discovering which invertebrates live in Folly Woods and the pond. Pupils looked at different adaptations which made the wildlife suited to their aquatic and terrestrial habitats and also learnt about food chains and what makes carnivores excellent predators.

Year 6 pupils were involved with the ‘Sustainability and Conservation’ workshop where they explored the impacts of food production, waste generation, electricity and water use. Pupils had the opportunity to see how Folly Farm works with the natural world to be more sustainable and learnt about nature’s recycling system.

All pupils had a wonderful enrichment experience, learning a great deal about the natural world.