Pastoral Care

Clifton High School has always been recognised for the level of pastoral care that members of staff provide for their pupils. The approach is pupil-centred, and staff work to ensure that they know each boy and girl well in order to tailor the support and guidance needed. Transition to Senior School is a significant period of adjustment for a pupil in terms of the expectations set and in the changes that take place for an adolescent as he or she navigates towards adulthood.

In order to facilitate this period of change, the Senior School provides additional pastoral support. This offering is unique to Clifton High as each form has two members of teaching staff, form tutors, who work with the boys and girls in the group. Each form tutor typically has ten pupils to work with, monitor academic progress, oversee pastoral support and encourage. The form tutor is the first point of contact for both the pupil and the parents so that a three way partnership of communication is established. Although the pupil will see his or her tutor on a daily basis, there is also a designated form tutor period held fortnightly. During this time together, pupil and tutor are able to discuss academic progress, wellbeing and any concerns a pupil might have, as well as interests and level of participation in the wealth of extra-curricular activities available. Tutors have experience and skill and are able to wear numerous hats be it as a listening ear or a voice of reason or correction. Tutors are supported in these roles by Senior members of staff who oversee the two quite distinct year-group phases from Years 7 to 9, and Years 10 and 11.

In the Sixth Form, students have a personal tutor with whom they meet to discuss academic work and plans for university and future careers. The emphasis is on bridging the gap and preparing for the transitions between school, university and the world of work. This is the time when students are encouraged to mature into independent learners, able to take responsibility for their own learning and become more confident in their decision making. As students progress through the Sixth Form, they are given greater freedom; they will be encouraged to manage that freedom and also take on roles of responsibility and leadership within the school community. Well supported by their personal tutor, Head of Sixth Form, Head of Futures and Skills and the Head of School, each Sixth Form student at Clifton High is given a bespoke service to help make correct and informed decisions as they move on to the next phase in their lives.